Jaelene Valdez

Jaelene Valdez

HR Dept. Manager

I oversee a committed team of employees and caregivers who deliver vital care to people in need as the manager of the HR department at Eagle Eye FV Home Care Agency. I am dedicated to making sure that our organization draws in, keeps, and develops top individuals so they can provide compassionate, high-quality care. I have a strong background in human resources management and a great interest in healthcare.

As part of my job, I manage every facet of HR operations, including hiring, compliance, performance management, training, and onboarding. In close collaboration with the leadership, I create and execute HR strategies that satisfy legal requirements, industry standards, and the mission and values of our organization.

My top priority is to establish a welcoming and inclusive workplace where staff members feel appreciated, respected, and enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. This entails putting in place laws and initiatives that support employee wellbeing, career advancement, and work-life balance.

I also keep up with changes in healthcare legislation, labor laws, and business trends to make sure our HR procedures are current and compliance.

As the HR Department Manager, my overarching objective is to cultivate a culture of excellence, empathy, and collaboration, thereby enhancing the overall prosperity and influence of Eagle Eye FV Home Care Agency

Having established successful work environments and spearheaded HR strategies, I am committed to optimizing worker satisfaction and enhancing the efficiency of the company.

I have experience in hiring and choosing employees, managing performance, developing training programs, and creating HR policies. In order to maintain compliance and advance justice and fairness in the workplace, I am skilled at interpreting complicated employment rules and regulations.

I am devoted to fostering work cultures where individuals feel appreciated, encouraged, and empowered to realize their full potential because I am passionate about people and organizational success. By utilizing proficient communication, teamwork, and leadership, my aim is to establish robust and unified groups that propel business outcomes and cultivate an ongoing culture of advancement.