Eagle Eye Home Care, LLC Awarded Request For Offers #20039

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Eagle Eye Home Care Awarded Request For Offer #20039

Eagle Eye Home Care specializes in helping clients navigate New York’s health care system, specifically helping individuals enroll in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), apply for Medicaid and serve as fiscal intermediary (FI). Their goal is to facilitate the CDPAP enrollment process and help guide individuals in need of home health care services.

Eagle Eye Home Care being awarded Request for Offer #20039 is significant. To work as an FI in New York State, an organization must submit an application to the New York State Department of Health to get authorized, ensuring the organization is fit to be an FI. Additionally, for FIs to be eligible to engage in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) in New York State, the FI must be awarded with RFO 20039. The full list RFO 20039 awardees with the counties to be served can be found on the New York State Department of Health website.

What is a Fiscal Intermediary?

Three people sitting at a large wood table and looking at a laptop for a work meeting.

In the context of New York State, a fiscal intermediary refers to an organization or business entity that acts as a middleman between a government agency or program and the individuals or organizations receiving funds or services. This model is often associated with government-sponsored healthcare programs and other social service programs, like CDPAP.

FIs play a crucial role in CDPAD by handling administrative tasks such as payroll processing, tax withholding, and other financial aspects. They act as a bridge between the individual receiving care and their personal assistants, ensuring that the necessary paperwork and financial responsibilities are managed appropriately.

What is Request For Offers (RFO)?

A Request for Offer (RFO) is a formal document issued by a government agency, organization, or company to solicit proposals or offers from qualified suppliers or service providers. RFOs are commonly used in procurement processes to secure goods, services, or works.

In the context of Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs), Request for Offers (RFOs) can play a significant role in establishing contractual relationships between FIs and the entities or organizations that require their services. Here’s how RFOs can help FIs:

Opportunity Identification
FIs can identify potential business opportunities by monitoring and responding to RFOs issued by government agencies, healthcare providers, or other organizations seeking fiscal intermediary services.
Competitive Bidding
FIs can participate in a competitive bidding process by submitting proposals in response to RFOs. This allows them to compete with other FIs and present their capabilities and offerings.
Contract Acquisition
Successfully winning an RFO can lead to the acquisition of contracts with government agencies, healthcare organizations, or other entities. These contracts may involve providing fiscal intermediary services for specific programs or populations.
Revenue Generation
FIs generate revenue by providing services outlined in the contract. This may include managing payroll for consumer-directed personal assistance services, handling administrative tasks, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
Partnerships and Collaborations
FIs can use the RFO process to establish partnerships or collaborations with organizations looking for fiscal intermediary services. This can lead to long-term relationships and additional business opportunities.
Compliance and Quality Assurance
RFOs often outline specific requirements and standards that FIs must meet to be considered for a contract. This can include compliance with regulations, quality assurance measures, and the ability to meet the unique needs of the population being served.
Expansion of Service Portfolio
Winning contracts through RFOs may allow FIs to expand their service portfolio and serve a broader range of clients or populations. This can contribute to the growth and sustainability of the FI.
Enhanced Visibility
Participating in RFO processes can enhance the visibility of FIs within the healthcare or social services sector. This visibility can lead to networking opportunities and increased recognition within the industry.

It’s important for fiscal intermediaries to carefully review RFO documents, understand the specific requirements, and submit comprehensive proposals that demonstrate their capabilities and ability to meet the needs outlined in the RFO. Additionally, maintaining compliance with regulations and delivering high-quality services are crucial for long-term success in the fiscal intermediary space.