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Eagle Eye FV

Eagle Eye FV, also known as Eagle Eye Health Care, is a New York based company specializing in providing assistance and support to individuals seeking access to the New York Medicaid Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). The company was founded with the goal of simplifying the process for individuals requiring home care services and their caregivers to navigate the CDPAP program efficiently.

Our History

Eagle Eye FV was founded in 2015 with our focus being to enable individuals to manage their care by selecting, training, and directing their caregivers through the CDPAP program, a New York State Medicaid initiative designed to empower individuals with chronic medical conditions or physical disabilities by choosing their own caregivers, including family members or friends.
Caregivers are provided benefits, including compensation, based on the current family caregiver pay rate. Eagle Eye Home Care offers support and resources to caregivers, aiding them in understanding their roles, responsibilities, and available benefits. Additionally, the company assists caregivers in navigating support programs and understanding their entitlements.

Our Role

Eagle Eye Home Care serves as the fiscal intermediary for individuals receiving care through CDPAP. A New York fiscal intermediary (FI) is an entity that acts as a middleman between a government agency or program and the individuals or organizations receiving funds or services.

In order to take on this role, an organization must submit an application to the New York State Department of Health to get authorized, ensuring the organization is fit to be an FI. We have been awarded Request for Offer #20039, a formal document issued by a government agency or organization, allowing us to operate as a fiscal intermediary to our clients.

Our Services

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We offer a range of services designed to assist individuals in accessing and utilizing the CDPAP program effectively. Our services include the following:
Guidance and assistance in understanding the CDPAP program's eligibility criteria and application process.
Support in recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and, if necessary, terminating caregivers as per CDPAP guidelines.
Assistance in arranging backup coverage for caregiving services.
Coordination and facilitation of other necessary services related to home care.
Aid in maintaining payroll records and managing administrative tasks associated with the program.
Reviewing and outlining responsibilities for each selected caregiver based on the personalized plan of care.

How We Help

In summary, Eagle Eye Home Care provides assistance and support to individuals seeking access to New York’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Our role is to act as the middleman between you, the individual, and the government agencies funding the in-home care services provided through CDPAP. Our services extend beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare as we work to advocate for accessible and individualized healthcare. Our services are designed to assist individuals in accessing and utilizing the CDPAP program effectively, helping to build more compassionate, resilient, and healthier communities.